Somatics is the leading manufacturer of ECT equipment world-wide. Its Thymatron® is the most advanced hardware on the market today.


We have recently been contacted by several doctors and hospitals asking for a quote on a Thymatron System IV, explaining that they received a letter from Mecta asking them to stop using their Spectrum by the end of August when it needed to be permanently inactivated.

Somatics can help you continue to treat your patients without interruption, because the Thymatron is under no such time-constraints. It is available right now and will continue to be available whenever you want to order one.

The Thymatron is uncomplicated and easy to use, with a streamlined front panel. All of its important programs start automatically when you press the treatment button. These include determination of the seizure endpoint, printing the postictal suppression index, and several other useful measures.

Information manager David has all the information you want. His expertise is great as you will find out when you call 1-800-642-6761 or message

You can rely on us.

The staff at Somatics LLC
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Conrad M. Swartz, M.D.
Several existing ECT dosing methods have been demonstrated to be clinically very effective--these include the fixed high-dose, age-based, and half-age methods (Abrams, 2002). However, no satisfactory method exists for titrating stimulus dose against a measure that is known to vary with treatment response (e.g., EEG postictal suppression), and this seminal article by Dr. Conrad Swartz presents an entirely new approach to ECT dosing that uses the patient's own response to the first ECT as arguably the most valid guide to subsequent dose adjustment.
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Revised January, 2016

A valid Thymatron® System IV serial number is required
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computer-assisted EEG analysis software for Thymatron™ System IV Genie™ IV - Software
Computer-assisted EEG Analysis Software for Thymatron® System IV - version 6.81
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